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"Gratz Nerd" Graduation Card

"Gratz Nerd" Graduation Card

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Gratz Nerd - Graduation Card

Congratulate your favorite brainiac with our "Gratz Nerd" card, featuring a sleek pair of glasses that symbolize the academic success of your studious friend or family member. This card adds a playful tease to the occasion, perfect for the graduate who's smart and proud of it.

The design is printed on high-quality 10.5 Mil (216 gsm) gloss cardstock with a matte interior, measuring 5x7 inches. It’s an ideal pick for celebrating the accomplishments of someone who appreciates both knowledge and a bit of humor.

It comes ready to gift in a durable kraft envelope, safely enclosed in a clear cello poly bag, just the thing for the grad who's mastered the art of being fashionably smart.

Product Details:

  • Size: 5x7 inches
  • Material: 10.5 Mil (216 gsm) White Inkjet Gloss Cardstock
  • Finish: Glossy front, Matte interior for easy writing
  • Envelope: 5.25 x 7.25 inches V-Flap Kraft Envelope
  • Packaging: Cello Poly Bag
  • Included: Kraft envelope (A7)
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