The Saga of Taco Viking

Welcome to Taco Viking Studios, a haven where geeks unite, and embracing your inner weirdo is celebrated. Taco Viking Studios is more than just a brand; it's a story of transformation, resilience, and the power of embracing one's true self.

My path to Taco Viking Studios began in a time of deep adversity. During COVID, I faced 18 months of intense isolation, which took a significant toll on my mental health. Struggling with bipolar disorder, which often left me feeling 'unemployable', I realized I needed a drastic change in my life. Moving 2300 miles back to southern Missouri to be closer to family and friends was my first step towards healing and reclaiming my life.

Taco Viking Studios emerged from a desire to take control of my destiny. It started small, with social media posts that resonated with people, and soon led to the creation of a print-on-demand store. This wasn't just a business to me; it was a lifeline, an opportunity to turn my passion for art and self-expression into something tangible.

The art I create here is for people like me – my friends, family, and anyone who wants to visually express their identity. Whether it's through a sticker, a poster, or a T-shirt, each item is a piece of my story, a narrative told with love, passion, and a touch of geekiness.

I am dedicated to mastering my craft. While I still use print-on-demand for some products, my goal is to create everything in-house. From stickers to posters, and soon even wrapping paper, I'm expanding my range of products, each carrying a part of my journey of creativity and resilience.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure. Together, let's redefine what it means to be a geek, to be different, and to proudly showcase our unique selves. Join me in showing the world how cool it is to embrace geek culture and to stand strong in the face of life's challenges.

Welcome to Taco Viking Studios – a place where each product is a story of rediscovery, resilience, and the joy of embracing our geekdom.