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"Favorite Love Monster" Mother's Day Card

"Favorite Love Monster" Mother's Day Card

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Capture the heart of Mother's Day with Taco Viking Studios' whimsical "Favorite Love Monster" card. This adorable 5x7-inch greeting card radiates warmth and affection with its unique cartoon doodle of a charming love monster, offering a big heart to the world's greatest mom.

Printed on top-tier heavyweight cardstock, the card sports a gleaming glossy finish on the front to bring out the vibrant pinks and reds of the doodle, with a matte finish on the inside for a heartfelt personal note. It's a sweet and slightly quirky token of love for moms who appreciate the imaginative and playful side of life.

Each card is snugly placed in a clear, resealable 6” X 9” polypropylene bag, protecting it until the moment it's joyfully revealed. The natural kraft envelope (5.25 x 7.25 inches, 148 GSM) not only complements the card's playful vibe but also stays true to Taco Viking Studios' commitment to sustainability.

Perfect for the mom with a youthful spirit or a penchant for geek culture, this card is an endearing way to say "I love you" on her special day. It's a delightful celebration of the unique bond shared with the lovable 'monsters' she calls her own.

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