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"Awesome Birthday with Brain Cake" Zombie Birthday Card

"Awesome Birthday with Brain Cake" Zombie Birthday Card

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Ignite a ghoulishly delightful celebration with the "Awesome Birthday" card from Taco Viking Studios! This 5x7-inch greeting card, brimming with undead charm, presents a cheeky zombie donning a party hat, gleefully eyeing a brain-topped cake—perfect for the friend who enjoys humor with a side of macabre.

Printed on premium heavyweight cardstock with a striking glossy finish on the front and a writable matte finish on the back, this card encapsulates Taco Viking Studios' dedication to quality, creativity, and a touch of the fantastical. The bold, dripping text compliments the zombie's eerie excitement, capturing the essence of a birthday bash that's both awesome and out of the ordinary.

Protected in a crystal clear, resealable 6” X 9” polypropylene bag, the card and its accompanying 5.25 x 7.25-inch kraft envelope ensure your spooky sentiment arrives in impeccable style. This is more than just a birthday wish—it's an invitation to embrace the quirkier side of life and the joy of another year's adventure.

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