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So, last week, I talked about how I was already behind, but I never bothered to tell you more than one of those things I was trying to do.

Going into the new year, I knew I had to make a good system to make things happen. Goals are great and all, but building a system is where it's at, you know.

Building a system is pretty easy, actually. You just pick some things you want from life, then you ask yourself, "If I owned a robot slave, what would I make that robot slave do so I could have this shiny cool stuff?" And, then—and here's the hard part—you do that stuff yourself.

Robot slaves are expensive and morally questionable...

The Things I Wanna Do

My goals are pretty small, really. I just want to be a billionaire playboy with a gauntlet computer that fires both a laser and a grappling beam and interfaces with my HUD that I use to fight crime.

But, that's long term. Like... maybe 2025. For 2024, I just want to get my feet back under me, metaphorically and literally.

Here's how I'm going to to do that:

  • Walk. A boatload.
  • Draw a Zombie
  • Make a thing people might want.
  • Share my thing.


So, walking is self-explanatory. I'm a big guy. I'm always going to be a big guy, I just want to be a slightly less-big guy. And, I'd like that less-big guy to be healthier and feel better. Walking has always helped me do those things. So, I'll do a lot of that.

Drawing Zombies

I saw a YouTube Video with some good drawing advice. It wasn't just, "Draw every day," it was, "Draw the same thing every day." I picked zombies!

Make Things People Might Want

I am trying to build a business. So, I need to make designs people want. The good thing for me, that is also very fun to do. So, I'll just keep doing it until I have made all the things.

Share the Thing!

I spent 10 years spreading messages I don't necessarily agree with. I got burned out on it. Now, I have to make a conscious decision to get my stuff out there in front of people again. It has to be a task or I'll just hide from it.

So, there I am. The instructions for being my own robot slave. Little steps to getting where I want to be... fighting super villains atop a skyscraper while swinging from my gauntlet laser. Each walk, each sketch, each design gets me a little closer.

It's about embracing the journey, no matter how grand or small the steps may seem. So, as I share my creations and stride through 2024, I invite you to join me in this adventure of self-improvement and creative exploration. Who knows, by 2025, we might just be ready to craft our own super suits

You made it to the end, so here, have a zombie! Follow me on Instagram to see them all in real time!

A zombie on a treadmill with the words "Rule One" above it.
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