New Year, New Challenges: Navigating Setbacks and Staying Committed to Goals


Cartoon Zombie holding a sign that reads, "Sorry I Am Late" with one R backwards.
Sorry, I'm Late.
Okay. I admit my failures.


It is Week 01 of 2024 and I'm already missing deadlines. I promised I would post every Wednesday for the year and here it is, Friday, and I'm just now writing a thing.

I know I suck. I'll do better.

I used to be good at this. I could knock out a blog post or two a day without even really trying. That was a part of my creativity I could rely on. It wasn't just a talent, it was a necessity. I needed to bleed on that page to make my brain work.

Now, I have drugs for that.

Not an excuse, but I might have bitten off more than I can chew until I build a good system. See, in addition to creating art every day, writing a blog post every week, and trying to relearn social media from a human perspective, I also dedicated myself to walking 10,000 steps per day. I was doing 7,500 and it was working, but I plateaued on my weight-loss journey and needed to up my game.

I did not account for how much time that takes, especially when it is all snowy and I have to do it on a treadmill. 10,000 steps is 2 full hours of walking. It's a lot.

But, I'm dedicated and I know how to do this stuff. I just need to refine the system and not let myself shut down and give up. I'd have done that even a year ago.

I have done it in the past.

One challenge I think I'm facing is that I only do a blog post weekly and the rest of the things on my list are daily habits. I don't know if I'm ready to commit to doing a daily post, however. That might be more than I can handle right now.

In the meantime, I'm rededicating myself to getting back on track. After all, two days late is better than never getting it done, right?

Every challenge is a chance to learn, hone, and evolve. Every setback is a chance to be a better version of myself.

Yeah, that sounds like the healthy thing to say.

So, here's to the new year, the obstacles it brings, and the growth we get from them.

To paraphrase a former boss, let's go do something amazing.

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