The Birth of Taco Viking Studios: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Geek Pride

Hello, I'm Matt, the heart and soul behind Taco Viking Studios. My journey to this point has been one of transformation, struggle, and ultimately, rediscovery.

Let me tell you about it.

Before the pandemic, I was grappling with Bipolar Disorder Type 2, a challenge that often made day-to-day life complex. The isolation during COVID-19 only intensified these struggles. This period also brought introspection and a decision to pivot from a career that clashed with my values. As a Communications Strategist and Multimedia Creator for a government agency, I often found myself at odds with the administration's policies and direction, leading to a deep sense of dissonance.

Returning to southern Missouri to be closer to family, I found the inspiration to start anew with Taco Viking Studios. My previous venture, a blog with hand-drawn doodles, had already hinted at a path where creativity could flourish. Taco Viking became my canvas to express and connect, turning my passion into a full-time endeavor.

My art at Taco Viking Studios is more than just products; it's a reflection of my journey, an outlet for those who want to express their unique selves. From stickers to T-shirts, each piece is crafted with a story to tell, a piece of my heart shared with the world.

Join me in this adventure of self-expression and geek pride. Follow Taco Viking Studios on Instagram, and together, let's redefine what it means to be a geek in today's world!

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