And Then Came the Cold

Can you believe we are already in week 3 of 2024? This year is already off to a fast start and I feel like I'm turning my wheels in the mud.

At least I've been keeping up with my zombies... mostly.

The big news for me? Winter finally hit Missouri this week. I was waiting for it. I've been in Montana for a decade, so I'm used to winter coming in August. Not seeing real winter weather until January is just uncomfortable.

Speaking of weather, the cold isn't as extreme here, but winter is winter. It murders the day-ball and fills everything with a heavier, darker taint. It gets a little bit harder to work, a little harder to keep things moving and flowing, and a whole lot harder to drag my fat butt off my chair and into action. I haven't hit my step count goals a single day this week.

C'est la vie.

As far as work goes, I had a big order last week for some custom sticker runs and have been working on just refining my art style. I've added a couple of the daily zombies as art prints over in the shop. I've also started working on some St. Patrick's Day stickers. I'll be dropping them next week along with a couple of other random sticker ideas.

Other than that, it's all about grinding things out and moving the business forward. As of yesterday, I'm all tax-licensed and today I got a little box that will let people give me credit card money in person! I'm like... legit or something. I've been working on the paperwork I need to go and do some live events and fairs and things. I'm really looking forward to that.

Once I have a confirmed schedule, I'll put something up on the site to let people know where they can come and find me.

In the meantime, I'll keep bundled up and try to make myself treadmill some more. As it is, I've already given in to the sleepy monster and drank coffee.

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